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Site Updates and Suggestions thread
Posted: 05 March 2008 09:20 AM   [Ignore]
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Thought I’d start a dedicated post about site updates, and also a place to post suggestions.

Update 16th February 2008
* New site launched!

Update 4th March 2008
* Tags added to Crawls’ info pages
* Ability to browse Crawls by tags (from the info pages)
* Ability for users to add tags to Crawls’ info pages
* iPhone favourites icon added

Update 6th March 2008
* Added tag cloud to left hand column on the Crawls page

Update 11th March 2008
* Reset and removed existing ROT or NOT profile ratings

Update 12th March 2008
* Added http://www.rotornot.co.uk
* Added account options for enabling/disabling participation in ROT or NOT
* Added ROT or NOT profile rating display

Update 31st March 2008
* Added the Web apps page

Update 7th April 2008
* Fixed menu links in the Crawls section
* Added the Crawls archive page
* Added the basic guide to Crawls

Update 8th April 2008
* Tags on Crawls are now editable by the owners of an event
* Interests on your profile are now linked, in order to help find zombies with similar interests

Update 9th April 2008
* Added Google Maps location checking to Crawl entries (Crawls will then be able to know the exact geographical location of the event)

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Nice work on the web site smile

I have already posted a photo bug issue regarding actual image dimensions and now I would like to comment on two other concerns:

1: I think it would be best if email address were not made public on the profiles and any communication between memembers should be done via PMs or Private Messages as is normally done on forums and other similar social web sites.

2: I would like to see the ability to add ‘signatures’ both text and or image based to these forums as part of our profiles.


Posted: 25 October 2009 10:20 AM   [Ignore]   [#2]
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I would like to see a “crawls near you” feature where in your settings you can adjust the distance to how far you are willing to go, and get e-mail alerts if a Nearby crawl gets posted

Posted: 25 November 2011 04:02 AM   [Ignore]   [#3]
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I like that Idea! I’d also love to search by city (using a search field, rather than the map). That would help to find zombies closer to home.


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