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Zombie gathering
22nd Oct 2011

Zombies in SPAAAACE!

Posted by Tucson Zombies

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Type: Zombie Walk (No booze),

Location: 101 N. Stone Ave 85701

Have you always wondered what human flesh tastes like? Are you a George Romero fan? Are you a Science-Fiction Fan? Rejoice: It is the time of year when a young man's thoughts turn to the simple pleasures in life: rising from the dead, cannibalism, science- fiction and widespread destruction. The Tucson Zombie walk, now in its SIXTH un-dead year, will again bring forth its un-living legions to raise funds and food for the Tucson Community Food Bank!

Tucson Zombie Walk 2011: Science Fiction Zombies or

Things go BUMP in the night. When things BUMP In Tucson, it’s for a good cause.

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2011
Time: Festivities begin a 4:00pm. Ends at Club Congress, approximately 9:00pm, with a free Concert by the Mission Creeps

Audience: All ages. Costumes are encouraged.

Start Location: Joel Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ 85701

End Location: Club Congress, 311 East Congress Street, Tucson, AZ 85701

Sponsors: Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange, The Chicago Store, Buffalo Exchange, Medieval Style Art by Norman, Angels by Michel, The Mission Creeps and The Loft Cinema.

Full list of activities:
4pm-9pm(Subject to change):
2:00 - Vendor Set-up
4:00 - Thriller Dance! The Undead gather to get down. (Great visual for the 5 o’clock report.)
4:10 - Repo, the Genetic Opera
4:45 - Magician
5:00 - Zombie Variety Show
6:00 - Zombie Hokey-Pokey and Road-kill Chicken Dances
6:10 - Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long blog
7:00 - Call for Costume Contest
7:05 - Time Warp Dance
7:10 - Thank You’s, Sponsor recognition, & Safety Talk
7:20 – Costume Contest Winners announced
7:40 - Walk Begins (Audience Favorite as the Grand Marshall)
~9:00-Walk ends at Club Congress. FREE Concert by The Mission Creeps (As seen at Nightfall 2011 on Friday Nights!)

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Tucson Zombies

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