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Zombie gathering
22nd Oct 2011

Village Invasion II

Posted by captain cruella

Type: Crawl of the Dead (Booze involved),

Location: Saugerties, NY

BIGGER-BETTER-BLOODIER The undead Captain of the Carnivorous Cadavers in the throws of planning yet ANOTHER Village Invasion. This time complete with so much insanity it'll make your head spin right off! Keep checking in regularly as I'll be updating as I delve deeper in the bowels of this beast. Viva la Zombie kittens!

Count down the days with us as the Village of Saugerties gets taken over yet again by the undead! Drag your carcasses over to
for more info as we get closer to Shock-tober!


We have devious things going on and it keeps getting better!

Here’s what we’ve got lined up so far!

Sugartown Vintage Boutique will be showing Evil Dead with your horror host with the most, Brian Solomon from The Vault of Horror! Be sure to also drag your corpses to Ms. Drewes shop as she’s the official Village Invasion Zombie apparel clothier and will be selling some fine digs for the inner zombie in you the entire month of October!

Partition Street Wine Shop will be doling out free samples of every ghouls favorite cocktail..the zombie!

Dave’s Coffee house and Wine bar will be hosting the Hudson Valley’s most groovtastic band going VOODELIC. They’ll be taking to the stage in their black light spectacular complete with glowing go go ghouls!

The Dutch Ale House and Main Street Restaurant will be bringing back some spooky specials both drink and dining alike. Be sure to drag your corpses in there and tell’em the Captain sent ya!

MarkyMark’s Tattooing Emporium will be housing the most zombilicious illustrator going, Peter Smith, with his I heart zombies t-shirts for sale. More info to come on his time and what other dark delights he’ll be selling.

The Village Apothecary will be dishing out the CURE for the infection for those who don’t want to spread the plague onto their friends and family.

The Hudson Valley Dessert Co. will be staying open later to assist those with a desire for less brains but more sugary sweets with their delightful holiday cookies and piping hot coffee.

Be sure to check out the movies being projected onto the building once again as we’ll be seeing such classics as The Last man on Earth and a few other fun things added to the mix.

Lucky Chocolates is rumored to be making their world famous blood chocolate fountain and handing out some goodies. Drag your lifeless selves in and give Rae a thumbs up, just as long as your fingers don’t rot off into the truffles.

The Donlon Auditorium will be home to the costume contest which will start promptly at 10:30pm. Be sure to shamble your way up the stairs before then as the delightful ladies from The Healing Tree will be reading your tarot cards. I also may have other vendors selling their frightfully fitting wares.

A VERY special performance will kick off the costume contest with last year’s dead celebrity winner..ZomBie Lady GaGa. Yes ghouls and boils—this is looking like it’s gonna be one HELL of a night!

I’ve also got wind from fellow zombie John Marshall of Tyrannosaurus Rocks, that they will be performing at the Donlon Auditorium for what they’re calling zombie Woodstock aka ZomStock.  With their tribute to the great zombie rock festival of 1969 in which Zombi Hendrix ate the Star-Spangled Banner.  They’re billing it as One Night of Peace, Love and Zombies.  This show is not to be missed!

There is more and more being scheduled daily so keep checking back!

On a side note: PRIZES!!! We keep getting some killer prizes and I’ll be posting the info in a nice lengthy CreullasCrypt posting so keep checking in there!

We have 3 categories this year and here they are:
Best zombie couple
Best dead celebrity
Most gruesome zombie

The Terror team is judging this year and we are TOUGH to impress. So we’re hoping to see your absolute WORST. I’ll be posting many makeup ideas and costume suggestions. It’s never been easier to be a zomBie!

So spread the infection, get your zombie selves prepared and VIVA LA ZOMBIE!!

xox Capt. C


Update: 3/31

Many thanks to Dave Meade over at Dave’s Coffee House and Wine Bar for hosting once again the deliciously decadent band, VOODELIC. If you missed last year, you’re in for a real treat. I’m hoping they’ll be rocking out the blacklight extravaganza like they did before. Visual splendor for the undead eye! Thanks Dave AND VOODELIC! MWHA!

Update: 4/6

Join me, Captain Cruella, as I twitter stalk Jimmy Fallon, my former neighbor and school mate, and try to get him to come as ZomBFallon to the Village Invasion-Crawl of the Dead II!!

Update: 6/12
This weekend the zombie Captain will be heading into Saugerties to start the ongoing process of recruiting humans to join the Army of the Undead. I’m still in the beginning stages of a film festival idea and am looking to talk to those who approached me last year about showing their horror shorts possibly the Friday night before the actual invasion occurs. This year will be bigger, better and have much more going on with the possibility of special guests and appearances by some amazing people, both dead AND a live. Stay tuned and keep spreading the infection. We’re coming for you in just a few short months, hope you’re ready for it!

As always Viva la ZomBie kittens!
xox Capt. Cruella


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Billy Ray Vyrus
captain cruella

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Oktobriana_Idol says:

Attended last year and had a fantastic time. Brought my young nephew on his first Zombie Crawl and he LOVED it! This year we will be bringing his little sister too. Nothing we love better than getting zombiefied and joining our fellow zombies to terrify the locals! Ahhh….sweet family memories!

...on 27th Aug, 2011 at 4:53 PM

Heather, You can go to my FB page and see all the info. OR head over to and spread the infection!

Cruella Moxham on Facebook

Posters to be coming out this week!

...on 27th Aug, 2011 at 3:17 PM

Heather says:

went to saugerties last year and can not wait for this year! is there a facebook page for this years crawl? i’d like to spread the word!

...on 27th Aug, 2011 at 12:11 PM