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Zombie gathering
16th Oct 2010

Village Invasion

Posted by captain cruella

Type: Crawl of the Dead (Booze involved),

Location: Saugerties, Ulster, NY, US

The Village Invasion will occur in the Village of Saugerties. Full details forth coming as we get more sponsors for terrorizing the streets!

Village Invasion… make sure you drag your corpses up and down the main streets of the Village of Saugerties. Rest your weary bones at local watering holes for some drink specials, (who doesn’t enjoy a good bloody mary?) We’re working on photographers and a videographer as well as prizes for the best dead celebrity look-a-like, the best executed zombie, and best pin-up zombie. Map and itinerary to follow. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: 7/21/10
So we’ve been charging full steam ahead and we have our first meeting with the Village board on August 2nd. We have confirmed photographers and a video person. I have been procurring LOTS of awesome prizes from the zombie interweb world ( -HUGS- you all rock!) and have plans to finalize map with route as soon as we wrangle with the red tape. The next course of action is making sure the town is prepared for us and postering the world. 87 days and counting until town wide infection. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 8/15/10

You certainly do NOT want to miss this event. We have- takes a deep breathe- QUITE the line up so far…
We have Lucky Chocolates with sweet treats and gory desserts being offered up for the night. Dave’s coffee house and wine bar with VOODELIC playing in the window stage under black light, Will Nixon reading excerpts from his book at the Inquiring Minds book store, drinks specials at the pubs, shops staying open late and adding to the overall ambiance of the evening, photographers, amazing gifts to give away for the costume prizes, The Hudson Valley Horrors roller derby team’s ZomBsquad coming to promote for their bout the following weekend, I’ve heard rumor of some LI Roller Rebels appearing as well! ( maybe a roller derby scuffle to ensue?) and so much more coming in daily my brain is ready to explode!! PLEASE register, pass this on and COME! I have in the works right now a map and an event route for those coming and will post directions for those of you coming from out of town. Remember without YOU the Village Invasion is nothing. Come and join the Leagues on October 16th! Spread the infection! Viva la Zombie!

NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!! 9/20/10
Not sure where to begin but here’s the long and short of it all.
If you don’t come to this event you will be mocked openly in public for the rest of your zombie life. Here’s what we have going on so far:
Dutch Ale House giving away a drink AND shot special
Main Street Restaurant has a band playing and will also be dishing out a drink special for the night
Mirabella’s will also be doing much the same with superb drink special and dishing out some goodies for the crawlers.
Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby Team will be on hand for the event placed at each pub with tshirts and drinks named after one of these lovely ladies as well as the infamous Vault of Horror on hand selling hsi fantastic wares as well and a delicious VOH shot at the Dutch.
Partition Street Wine Shop doling out Bloody Mary Samples for those with bloody desires.
Lucky chocolates will be serving up ghoulishly good chocolate delights to crawlers.
Pistol whip boutique will offer 30% discount to those in Zombie attire. Marky Marks’s tattooing and Express Yourself will be open and have given gift certificates to the winners of the costume contests. Inquiring Minds bookstore will be open and Author Will nixon reading excerpts from his book Love in the City of Grudges at 9 pm. Dave’s coffee and wine house will host the ever amazing Voodelic under black light window stage and also a drink for the evening has been mentioned. Also on hand will be the Ulster Biorecovery Death Scene clean up crew to hand out some goodies and add to the festivities! Also noted there is a buzz to project some movies onto the buildings in town.. such horro classics as Night of the living dead and Freaks and also the classic White Zombie. There will be MANY MANY prizes as we keep getting them sent to our cache so DO prepare yourself. Be sure to see me , Captain Cruella at the Rosendale Zombie crawl on Sept 25th and possibly the Garlic Festival and then on the 9th The Saugerties Farmers Market at 10 am presenting a makeup demonstration complete with a make up list you can be sent out with to make your own zombie magic! See you then! Map on it’s way and VIVA LA ZOMBIE!!!!!!!

Post mortem!/photo.php?pid=30404693&id=1306493914


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There were 23 registered Zombies that attended this event...

Betty Boo
Billy Ray Vyrus
captain cruella
G. T. Ghoul
Justin Kase
lee zoid
twiztid dead girl
VooDoo Dolly

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Jez says:

how did it go? photos please!

...on 17th Oct, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Here’s the link to the map.. pass along.. print it out and BE THERE! Viva la zombie!!

...on 13th Oct, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Zombiemamba says:

Can’t wait to go to the zombie crawl. But where does it start in Saugerties. I can not locate the map.

...on 13th Oct, 2010 at 9:54 AM

Rae Stang says:

Looking Good! Are you doing makeup for people for the event? If not- can you post some pointers & tips?

...on 11th Oct, 2010 at 10:17 PM

elana says:

We’ll be there with our little group of zombies…

...on 11th Oct, 2010 at 10:32 AM

B-Sol says:

Official Press Release!

...on 27th Sep, 2010 at 6:16 PM

B-Sol says:

...on 27th Sep, 2010 at 6:08 PM

Duffy says:

Captain Cruella live at the Rosendale Zombie Fest

...on 25th Sep, 2010 at 7:51 PM

Wayne Mitchell says:

We would love to okay this event if you need bands

...on 5th Sep, 2010 at 6:59 PM

Captain Cruella says:

Exciting news Zombie freaks.
Hudson Valley Horrors will be attending the masses. Voodelic possibly rocking us out and so much insanity I can hardly STAND MYSELF!

See you there.. be on the look out for bio hazard stickers plastering the world. We’re coming for you. All your zombie belong to us.

...on 6th Aug, 2010 at 8:59 PM

We’ll be there with a van load of the bleeding dead. Last time I was in Saugerties, somebody yelled at me and said, “Eat Me!!!!!” Do you think I should have?

...on 5th Aug, 2010 at 10:31 PM

Someone says:

We’re charging full steam ahead on this event and have been getting links all over the place. It takes some time BUT we’re gaining ground and are hopeful by September to have everything sorted out for this event which will include a detailed map, signs, all prizes and lots and LOTS of zombie activities. Please email me at : if you have questions, OR friend me on FB and we can chat about zombie related stuffs. See you soon.. 91 days and counting!

...on 17th Jul, 2010 at 11:42 AM

OK, so far we have had some very cool progress. I would like it if everyone registered here, it’s getting a tad overwhelming with FB and random emails about the event. I got a response from the VERY cool about given some amazing gifts as prizes for the event. I will be hitting the streets this weekend on the quest for more totally awesome prizes from local shop owners in the Village of Saugerties. A Map will go up this week on FB so PLEASE if you’ve visited this site and you’re on FB send a shout out to Cruella Moxham and /or find Village Invasion-Crawl of the Dead group. I’m updating constantly, all day long. I hope to see you all soon and if you have a question PLEASE email me!
Brains to you!
Capt. Cruella
(92 days till Craaaaaaawwwlllll)

...on 16th Jul, 2010 at 5:06 PM

Someone says:

I am organizing a Zombiefest for Rosendale on Sept 25th w/ a raindate of Oct 2nd…
One of our volunteers sent me your page…Looks awesome!
Maybe we could colaborate.
I definitely think you should advertize your event at our event.
Ours will tentatively start at 2pm with a parade, followed by bands and vendors and dj’s at the Willow Kiln, followed by a creature feature at the rosendale theatre.
I am a newbie to this type of thing, so any advise you could give is greatly appreciated.
Will foward more details as they emerge.
Zombie Power!

...on 15th Jul, 2010 at 1:31 PM