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Zombie gathering
29th Oct 2011

Night of the Drinking Dead

Posted by Arequimis

Type: Crawl of the Dead (Booze involved),

Location: Delray Beach, Palm Beach, FL, US

A zombie invasion will take place between 8pm and 2am on Saturday, October 29. This year will be the second annual Night of the Drinking Dead Halloween celebration in Delray Beach. The festivities include a Zombie Prom, live music with local band Girlfriend Experience, horror flicks and gruesome Zombie Art by Brandon Paul. The party commences at The Delray Beach Arts Garage, 180 NE 1st Street. The participating zombies then crawl on to DaDa, Delux, Kevro’s Art Bar and Pineapple Groove.

Following the success of last year’s event, the Night of the Drinking Dead is a fun way for Halloween enthusiasts to get their scary on.  The Zombie Prom kicks off the evening at the Arts Garage, followed by a stop at DaDa for a “Creep House” and then on to Delux to “party like a dead rock star.”  The first stop after midnight is at Kevro’s, being billed for the night as “Your Local Zombie Apocalyptic Bunker.”  To finish the evening, the Zombies will walk, arms stretched-Thriller style, to Pineapple Groove where they will rise from their “Pineapple Graves”.
Each scary stint at these locations is 1-2 hours in duration.  A $20 ticket, available on the website, buys you five drinks and admittance to each venue.  Dressing up is clearly not optional and guests are encouraged to look as terrifying as possible; the deader the better is appropriate dress code instruction.
The band on the roster for the evening is Girlfriend Experience; well-known locals playing experimental interactive pop sure to inspire the zombies to dance until they drop dead. Guests riding along the zombie express will also get to enjoy live painting by well-known artist, Brandon Paul.  Paul’s art is heavily influenced by horror movies and scary everyday observations.  In addition to painting and exhibiting, Brandon Paul is one of the sponsors of the event.  Other sponsors include the Delray Beach Arts Garage, the three bars participating in the crawl, Potions in Motion and Futuristic Woo.
If you’d like more information about Night of the Drinking Dead, or to schedule an interview with one of the sponsors, please call Ryan Boylston at 954.415.1895 and go to the website,


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