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Zombie gathering
25th Oct 2009

Dallas Zombie Crawl

Posted by tifanifty

Type: Crawl of the Dead (Booze involved),

Location: 3510 Commerce St, Dallas, Dallas, TX, US

Zombies invade Deep Ellum! Canned-food drive and charity fundraiser zombie crawl. A zombie festival complete with creepy car show, zombie movie screenings, zombie DJ, and acoustic concert by Ghoultown! AND it benefits 2 great charities: North Texas Food Bank, and Way Into Music

Zombies support local charities!  The undead come together in Downtown Dallas to raise funds and food for humans. 

5pm: Meet up at The Double Wide.  A canned food item gets you zombified.

6pm: zombie crawl, creepy car show. zombie movie screenings

9pm: Ghoultown concert (get tickets at


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zombie crawl walk dallas tx


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Someone says:

Was wondering if you had any more information on this. I think the one in Fort Worth is a no go. And I don’t have time to get the word out now.. Also, are you sure it is the 25th? That’s a Sunday. Thanks!!

...on 10th Sep, 2009 at 4:20 PM

Hey all,
Are you screening a movie along with the crawl? If so, let me know because we’re releasing Zombie Dearest Oct 13th in the U.S. It won Audience Favorite Award at First Time Film Festival in LA and it’s frightening and hilarious. Could be a great to pack a cinema and moan.

Mark Cavanagh

...on 2nd Sep, 2009 at 10:59 AM