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Zombie gathering
17th Oct 2012

B.G.  Ohio Zombie Walk For Charity

Posted by zombiewalkforcharity

Type: Zombie Walk (No booze),

Location: OH, US

Come to Bowling Green for its first Zombie Walk! This years walk will be a small but memorable one. It will be a free-roam shuffle around downtown Bowling Green, with businesses offering discounts to all Zombie Walkers. It will end with a Zombie Feast and afterwards an unofficial crawl of Bowling Greens famous college bars!

Mark your calendars! The Walk will officially start at 6:00pm at Serenity Spa. Wont hurt to come early! You can come in costume or get your Zombie Makeover done professionally by our staff. We offer two levels of makup. $5 for basic or $10 for advanced and two non perishabel food items.

After that the Zombie Hoard will begin to descend on Downtown Bowling Green. Participating local businesses, bars and resarants will be deemed Quarantine Zones (Zombie Freindly) and will offer special discounts, deals and promotions for Zombie Walkers.

Wood County Library Will also be hosting some spooky activities for the youths in conjunction with the ZWC. So there will be activities for the whole family at the Zombie Walk!

The walk will conclude at Grumpy Dave’s Bar above Easy Street where we will have a Zombie Feast ($10 per plate). There will also be contest and prizes as well as one of Bowling Greens most memorable Photo Shoots of the year!

The Zombie Walk itself is a free event for both participants and business sponsors. If you are a business and you have not sent your acknowlegement email to, then you are not officially part of the walk, so please do so before september 17th so we can include you in our Zombie Freindly list and promote your sponsorship of the ZWC!

ZWC benifits three local charities (Computers for Charity, Teen Center and the BG Christian Food Pantry), but we are open to incorporating other charities and finding ways to promote and support your organization, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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